Why Stocks?

Stocks are an important part of any investment portfolio and should be considered by investors seeking to pursue long-term objectives. With high-risk characteristics, stocks usually generate higher long-term return in terms of capital gain and dividend.

Phatra & Stocks

  • Full access to all listed securities in SET and MAI
  • Exclusive opportunities to Phatra's offering transactions e.g. IPO/PO/AGT
  • Research updates from our award-winning analyst team with access to regional and global reports of Bank of America - Merrill Lynch
  • Investment strategy recommendation to capitalize any market outlook
  • Value-added service to maximize your investment return e.g. automatic equity lending (SBL-Pool) or money market fund for equity settlement (MMS)

Mutual Funds

Why Mutual Funds?

Individual investors usually find investing in mutual funds more convenient and efficient than investing in various securities separately. Investors will get access to some restricted assets, professional expertise from fund managers, diversification benefits, convenience as well as tax benefits.

Phatra & Mutual Funds

  • Access to our open-architecture platform with comprehensive mutual fund offering of over 1,000 funds from all leading asset managers
  • Exclusive opportunity to invest in Strategic Asset Allocation Fund (SG-AA), our flagship fund which adjusts portfolio in accordance with our recommendations automatically
  • Unbiased recommendation with detailed analysis from our dedicated analyst team for your best fund selection
  • Convenient and one-stop service. You can buy or sell mutual funds via our phone-sale or online service


Why Derivatives?

Derivatives can be used either to manage your portfolio risk or to leverage your investment. Apart from investing in the market upturn, investors can also implement investment strategy to benefit from a the market downturn. The investment performance of the derivatives products is linked to their underlying assets.

Phatra & Derivatives

  • Full access to various types of futures and options contracts in TFEX as well as derivative warrants in SET
  • Investment strategy recommendation to capitalize on any market outlook e.g. Bullish (Long call, Short put, Bull spread), Bearish (Long put, Short call, Bear spread) or Neutral (Butterfly, Straddle, Strangle)

Fixed Income

Why Fixed Income?

Fixed Income is relatively low-risk investment as the principle and interest are committed by the issuer; but, it comes at the cost of lower return. Fixed Income provides safety and stability to investors during a bear market and, thus, many investors usually have at least part of their portfolio invested in fixed Income.

Phatra & Fixed Income

  • Full access to government bonds’ daily auctions in the primary market
  • Trading service for both government and corporate bonds in the secondary market
  • Exclusive opportunities to Phatra’s offering transactions e.g. IPO/PO
  • Unbiased recommendation from our dedicated analyst team

Structured Products

Why Structured Products?

Structured Products have long been used by institutional investors. Today, they are becoming increasingly popular among individual investors seeking to fill the gap of specific needs. You can discuss with your financial consultant to customize products, such as equity-linked note (ELN), principle-protected note (PPN) or accumulators, which could serve your needs.

Phatra & Structured Products

  • Investment strategy recommendation to capitalize on any market outlook
  • Full flexibility to customize each product based on your market view and preference including underlying securities, strike price, expected return, tenor and capital guarantee level

Cash Deposit

Why Cash Deposit?

When you end up with more cash than you can spend, your simplest solution is to deposit that money into a bank account. Nevertheless, most of the time, you put your money in a bank account as an emergency source of liquidity and earn a near-zero interest rate.

Phatra & Cash Deposit

  • Access an exceptional range of Kiatnakin Bank’s deposit products including a saving account, current account or fixed deposit account
  • Zero fee for cash withdrawal through any ATM from ATM Pool Thailand
  • Opportunity to obtain great deposit interest rates and other financial privileges from 'Priority Banking Service' by Kiatnakin bank

Private Funds

Why Private Funds?

If you do not have resource to dedicate to your investment decisions, private fund is a suitable alternative for you. Private fund manager team will give you an investment advice and help you create a tailor-made investment policy to serve all your needs; in addition, your financial consultant will continue to offer you an investment service.

Phatra & Private Funds

  • Client focus with full attention from fund managers
  • Highly qualified fund managers who possess extensive industry experience with strong historical track records
  • Tailor-made investment solutions with a well-defined investment process to capture opportunity from market sentiments
  • High quality and independent in-house research with excellent access to management of companies
  • Optimal operations, strengthened compliance control and improved reliability through international-standard investment management system

Phatra Edge Accounts

Stock Accounts

Phatra Edge provides two types of stock accounts to suit your investment preference; i.e. Post-Paid and Pre-Paid.

Post-Paid account

Phatra grants a trading limit for you based on your financial situation and investment capabilities. The account requires 20% collateral to support purchasing power. Stocks and cash in your account can be accepted as collateral.

The characteristics of Post-Paid accounts

  • You can trade up to your trading limit
  • To start trading, you have to deposit cash and/or stock as collateral to support the trading limit
  • The collateral rate is 20% of your approved trading limit
  • Trade settlement will be settled by Automatic Transfer System (ATS) in debiting/crediting your bank account on T+3
  • The applicable banks for ATS are BAY, BBL, KBANK, SCB, KTB and TMB
  • The cash collateral will gain at the deposit rate of interest

Pre-Paid account

Pre-Paid account requires 100% cash collateral, which is kept by Phatra for the benefit of your trade settlement (buying and selling). Phatra grants trading limit according to your deposit fund.

The characteristics of Pre-Paid accounts

  • You have to maintain a balance of cash in your account before trading
  • Purchasing limit is up to net cash balance
  • Your purchasing power will be deducted / added immediately when you place the order, with/without execution. If your orders have not been matched, the purchasing power will be adjusted at the end of day or immediately at the order cancellation
  • Trade settlement will be debited / credited from/to your cash balance on T+3
  • The cash balance will gain at the deposit rate of interest

Why KK e-Banking @PhatraEdge?

KK e-Banking @PhatraEdge – Kiatnakin internet banking channel offered to Kiatnakin and Phatra account holders for full Kiatnakin Phatra Financial Group user experience. KK e-Banking @PhatraEdge allows you to manage your financial and investment accounts with greater ease and efficiency under high data-security standard.

Key features of KK e-Banking @PhatraEdge

  • My Account: 24-hour access to your savings, current, and fixed deposit account balance
  • Manage Account: Add, delete or edit your own account and other third party accounts
  • Fund Transfer: Transfer money from your savings/current deposit account to your other KK’s savings/current deposit accounts or third party KK’s savings/current deposit accounts and interbank fund transfer
  • News and Update: Receive updated news about banking products and selected special offers from banking services